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About Us

We are a family-owned small business from Winter Haven, Florida and we are long time supporters of rescue.  Our entire management team came from a shelter or a rescue. Meet our Team!

Joe - The Branch Manager

Joe is the newest addition to the team.  He likely came from a puppy mill and was purchased at a pet store by a well-intended couple to please their children during a difficult divorce.  They quickly learned how much work puppies can be and ultimately had to surrender him to a rescue.  Like many pugs, Joe has no regard for personal space, has mastered the pug side-slump, and will eat just about anything (including things he shouldn't if you don't keep an eye on him!).

Koda - Chief Barketing Officer

Koda joined the team after weeks of wandering the streets and then found himself in the local shelter.  Koda enjoys long hikes, and wrestling matches with the Branch Manager.  He oversees all barketing opportunities, including saving us all from squirrels, the dogs next door, and the delivery driver.

Lucy - Canine Resources Administrator

Lucy was adopted through a rescue that picked her up in a biker bar when she was just a baby.  She is one tough girl, unless there is thunder, fireworks, strangers, loud noises, or big dogs.  Her natural ability for conflict resolution has made her perfect for this job.  She is the glue that holds the team together.

Sadie - Head of Treat Security

Sadie was surrendered to a shelter after spending most of her days chained up outside.  She clearly had litters of puppies in the past, and carries the baggage that many rescued dogs do - not knowing who to trust.  She is a natural in security.  When you get past that hard exterior, she is a sweetheart and a master snuggler.  She also does everything as if it's an emergency and needs to be done right now.

Toby - Chief Fetch Officer

Toby was also adopted from a rescue as a baby, and quickly joined puppy forces with Lucy to become partners in crime.  Toby aspires to be a top competitor in Flyball someday, but his short legs (part dachshund) keep his fetch game at home.  Toby thinks tennis balls are life, but when he is not obsessing over them - he loves to cuddle up with his human.