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Houston Pets Alive!

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Houston Pets Alive!’s mission is to save dogs and cats at risk of euthanasia and find them loving homes, while preventing unwanted animals. Whether saving an animal from a municipal shelter or a small impound facility, HPA! ensures that the animals all others have looked over still have a second chance at life. Once rescued into HPA!'s program, the animals receive complete routine medical care, including vaccinations, deworming, microchip, and alteration surgery. Even more, HPA! treats all common and uncommon medical issues too, such as demodex mange, ringworm, medically necessary amputations and enucleations, and so much more through its on-site medical and surgery clinic. Further, HPA! treats heartworm disease at no cost to its adopters, ensuring as few barriers to adoption as possible.
On average, Houston Pets Alive! saves over 3,000 animals each year. The rescue is only able to do this through a dedicated community of volunteers, fosters, and donors who contribute their time, talent, and treasure to save lives. If you have time, talent, or treasure to share with Houston's most vulnerable pets, learn more about Houston Pets Alive! at